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Speaker Resources

This page is for invited speakers of the BCBS 2021 Virtual Summit. If you received a session invitation notification, please use this page as a resource to prepare for the conference. Further information will be communicated as it becomes available. Please wait to continue with speaker deliverables until you have received an official communication from

Conference Registration

After you have received your speaker invitation email for the BCBS 2021 Virtual Summit, be sure to register as a speaker on the conference website. NOTE: completing your deliverables on the speaker portal is separate from conference registration.

Already registered as an attendee? Contact the conference registrar at or 312.297.5825 to adjust your registration from attendee to speaker. If you believe you will be invited as a speaker, please wait to register.

Speaker Registration Type

Two main speaker registration types are available. Please select the type appropriate to you when registering.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan Speaker: A speaker who is an employee of one of the 36 BCBS Plans.
Non-Blue Cross Blue Shield Speaker: A speaker who is not an employee of one of the 36 BCBS Plans.

Additionally, speakers can choose to participate in the other event sessions.

Full Conference Registration: Speaker has access to all open sessions and events for the duration of the conference.

Speaking and Leaving Registration: Access will be granted only to the speaker’s session and no other session or event related to the conference. A registration fee is not applicable for this registration type.

Presentation Guidelines

Please see the speaker portal (linked in your speaker invitation email) for guidelines on filming, recording, presentation formatting, submission, review and posting processes. All presentations must be submitted using the BCBS 2021 Virtual Summit PowerPoint Template, which will be posted to the speaker portal. You must save the document to your computer to use. This template is specially sized for the monitors and projection screens that will be used at the conference (16:9 ratio). The deadline to submit presentations is Monday, February 22, 2021. Submit your presentation via the speaker portal; a link to the portal will be available in your speaker invitation email.



Contact with any further questions you may have about speaker deliverables and processes.