This page is for invited speakers of the BCBS 2020 National Summit. If you received a session invitation notification, please use this page as a resource to prepare for the conference. Further information will be communicated as it becomes available. Detailed instructions of all speaker deliverables will be included in your official invitation from speakers@bcbsa.com.

Conference Registration

After you have received your speaker invitation email for the BCBS 2020 National Summit, be sure to register as a speaker by Friday, March 27, 2020.

NOTE: completing your information on the speaker portal is separate from conference registration.

Already registered as an attendee? Contact the conference registrar at conferences@bcbsa.com or 312.297.5825 to adjust your registration from attendee to speaker. If you believe you will be selected as a speaker, please wait to register.

Speaker Registration Type

Badges are required in all areas of the conference. Your badge will indicate your registration type and access level. Two main speaker registration types are available. Please select the type appropriate to you when registering.

BCBS Plan Speaker: A speaker who is an employee of one of the 36 BCBS Plans.

Invited Speaker: A speaker who is not an employee of one of the 36 BCBS Plans.

Additionally, speakers can choose the length of their stay at the conference:

Full Conference Registration: Speaker has access to all open sessions and events for the duration of the conference. (Sessions marked as BCBS Plan Only are not open sessions and will only allow BCBS Plan Speakers.) The registration fee is discounted from the regular full conference registration rate. Early bird rates do not apply to speakers.

Single-Day Registration: Speaker has access to all open sessions and events for the day of the speaker’s scheduled session (i.e., if your session is on Wednesday, May 20, you have access to all open sessions and events on Wednesday, May 20). The registration fee is discounted from the regular single-day registration rate. Early bird rates do not apply to speakers.

Speaking and Leaving Registration: Access will be granted only to the speaker’s session. Access to other sessions, meals, receptions or events related to the conference will not be permitted. Speaking and Leaving Registration cannot be combined with Single-Day Registration. A registration fee is not applicable for this registration type.

Presentation Guidelines

Please see the speaker portal (link in your speaker confirmation email) for guidelines on presentation formatting, submission, review and posting processes. All presentations must be submitted using the BCBS 2020 National Summit PowerPoint Template, which will be posted to the speaker portal. You must save the document to your computer to use. This template is specially sized for the monitors and projection screens that will be used at the conference (16:9 ratio). The deadline to submit presentations is Wednesday, April 15, 2020. Submit your presentation via the speaker portal; a link to the portal will be available in your speaker invitation email.

Speaker Portal

The Speaker Portal is your go-to resource for all speaker deliverables. Your official invitation from speakers@bcbsa.com will include detailed instructions on how to access the speaker portal to update your profile and submit your information.

Speaker Orientation Webinars

For an overview of the speaker process, a presentation of the speaker presentation guidelines and to answer any questions you may have, please join us for one of the speaker orientation webinars (approximately 45 minutes each). The schedule will be posted on the speaker portal. Speakers are only required to participate in one webinar.

Onsite Check-In

After visiting the registration desk to pick up your conference badge, plan to check in at the Speaker Ready Room in the San Francisco room at least 90 minutes prior to your scheduled session. You will be able to preview your presentation and make minor updates at this time (i.e., updates to statistical information, references, etc.). Resubmissions of presentations, flash drives, substantial changes to or new versions of presentations will not be accepted onsite.



Contact speakers@bcbsa.com with any further questions you may have about speaker deliverables and processes.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield 2020 National Summit is a program of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, an Association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies.