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Policies and Fees

Registration Policies and Procedures

The BCBS 2021 Virtual Summit will be presented as a Virtual Event.  A Virtual Event is an online event in which content from both BCBSA and from multiple BCBS Plan and Sponsor/Exhibitor participants will be presented on a website, in a manner designed to recreate certain aspects associated with live BCBS National Summit events, including real-life presentations, keynote speakers, and an exhibition hall environment with virtual exhibit booths.  Registered participants will be able to view the BCBS 2021 Virtual Summit through a series of live online presentations and virtual events during May 4 – 14, 2021, with on-demand viewing available for a period of sixty (60) days thereafter.


Please note that your registration must be paid in full before the program begins. Once payment is received, you will be officially registered. 


Payment options: wire transfer or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diner’s Club or Discover).

Wire Transfer Payments

Please use the following information to make the bank wire transfer:

Name of Bank: The Northern Trust Company
Account Name: Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Operating Account
Account Number: 27588
Bank ABA number: 071000152
Addenda Info: BCBS 2021 VIRTUAL SUMMIT Charge Code Q01-39Q-544

For international wire payments: Bank SWIFT code: CNORUS44

BCBSA Registration and Registration Fees Policy

The registration fee provides the individual registrant with access to all conference materials and all live online presentations and virtual events during May 4 – 14, 2021, together with on-demand viewing access for a period of sixty (60) days thereafter.


All registration fees are nonrefundable and cannot be applied or credited to future conferences.  By registering, each registrant agrees to maintain confidentiality of all user credentials, codes, passwords, links, and other tools received from BCBSA allowing access to the BCBS 2021 Virtual Summit  web portal, events, and materials. Registrations, and registration fees, are unique to each individual registrant and cannot be transferred to any other individuals (except as provided below, under BCBSA Substitution Policy). Use of any individual registrant’s registration credentials by any other person(s), including but not limited to group viewing or sharing by the registrant and any other person(s), is strictly prohibited.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan ATTENDEES
Full Conference Registration $199 
Single-Day Registration $99 (does not include on-demand access post-event)

On-Demand Registration $99 (100+ sessions on-demand from June 1 - July 13, 2021)


Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan SPEAKERS
Full Conference Registration $199 
Single-Day Registration* $99 (does not include on-demand access post-event)
Speaking and Leaving** No Charge



Full Conference Registration gives you access to all events at the conference.


Single-Day Registration is available only for the day of your session and cannot be combined with other registration types. You will have access to all events at the conference on the day of your session.

Speaking and Leaving Registration indicates that you will be present only for your session and will not attend any other sessions.


*Single-Day Registration is for the day of your session only.

**Speaking and Leaving Registration grants access only to the session(s) in which you are presenting; access to other conference events is restricted.

The registration fees for non-Blue Cross Blue Shield attendees vary based on registration type. For more information on registration types and fees, contact the Conference Registrar at or at 312.297.5825.

BCBSA Substitution Policy

Registrant substitutions will be accepted only with written notification from the original registrant, sent on or before April 27, 2021 by email to No administration fee will apply to substitutions; however, only one substitution may occur per registrant. No substitutions will be allowed after April 27, 2021.


BCBSA Media Policy

Recording, through any media, of any portion of any presentations and/or conversations conducted at or during the BCBS 2021 Virtual Summit, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited, without prior written consent from Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) identifying the specific individual or company allowed to make the recording, the recording medium to be used, and the specific presentation or conversation that BCBSA has permitted that individual or company to record. Without limiting the foregoing, and by way of illustration, only, this prohibition applies to any and all recording media (including, but not limited to, audiotape, videotape, film, and the memory of any device), and includes, without limitation, any and all recording devices (including, but not limited to, cameras, cellular phones, cellular phone components, Bluetooth, laptop computers, tablets, and all other types of digital and recording devices).

Further, any material recorded after receiving BCBSA’s prior written consent (as described above) is prohibited from being posted, broadcast, streamed or communicated, in whole or in part, on any media (including but not limited to any websites, web pages, social media sites, and any other electronic media, as well as any and all print, media, broadcast media, and other media or communications means), without prior written consent of BCBSA identifying the specific individual or company allowed to so use the recording, and the situs, purpose, and permitted duration of any such post, broadcast, stream, or other communication of such recording.



​The BCBS 2021 Virtual Summit will be presented as a Virtual Event, which may capture and record the name, likeness, and content of all registrants, Exhibitors/Sponsors, and other attendees as they participate in this Virtual Event, through interactive audio/video, graphic, chat, and other media.  All such matter will be recorded and preserved for live and on-demand viewing online by BCBSA staff and all registrants and Exhibitors/Sponsors through a series of live online presentations and virtual events during May 4 – 14, 2021, with on-demand viewing available for a period of sixty (60) days thereafter (the “Virtual Event Period”).  By registering for this Virtual Event, each attendee gives and grants in perpetuity the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (“BCBSA”), an association of independent licensed Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans (“BCBS Plan[s]”), and its and their employees, directors, officers, agents, representatives, successors, licensees, affiliates and any person, corporation or entity acting under BCBSA’s or a BCBS Plan’s permission or with its authority, including anyone distributing or disseminating communications by or regarding BCBSA, any BCBS Plan or any of its or their programs (collectively "Assigns") the irrevocable right, permission and license to publish, reproduce, distribute, broadcast, edit, modify, copy or otherwise use his/her likeness, name, photograph, video, oral or written remarks or any content submitted by him/her, in any form, whether in whole or in part, for purposes related to BCBSA’s or any BCBS Plans’ programs, business or other promotional, commercial or lawful purpose anywhere in the world and/or on the worldwide web. I also understand that no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable to me by reason of such use.


BCBSA reserves the right to change the live date, and to change and/or substitute speakers, moderators, or content, BCBSA’s sole discretion as to what is best for the BCBS 2021 Virtual Summit. BCBSA is not responsible for any technical malfunctions or downtime in connection with any recording or viewing of this Virtual Event.

Failure to adhere to any aspect of these Registration Policies and Procedures may result in immediate removal from the conference Virtual Event, with confiscation of all conference materials and unauthorized recordings as well as other potential consequences, together with recovery of all associated costs and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by BCBSA in furtherance of compliance with this policy.


For more information, contact the Conference Registrar at or 312.297.5825.