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Business Disciplines

Brand & Consumer Experience (BCX)

Sessions will focus on brand strategy, brand management, brand expansion and consumer experience.

Compliance & Ethics (C&E)

Sessions will focus on current corporate compliance and ethics trends and issues.

Customer Contact Center & Claims (CCC)

Sessions will focus on customer service, claims, networking, customer relationship management, customer experience and internal quality audit.

Development & Innovation (D&I)

Sessions will focus on product development strategies, innovation strategies and GPO.

Enterprise Information Technology (EIT)

Sessions will focus on topics of interest to Plan Information Technology organizations. Plan information exchange and collaboration on current and future initiatives will be a key focus. Session topics will include innovation, collaboration, people, process and technology best practices and initiatives.

Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO)

Sessions will focus on sharing best practices and useful tools to solve issues common to BCBS project management offices.

Finance (FIN)

Sessions will focus on financial industry issues, financial accounting and reporting issues, and Plan financial activities.

Government Programs (FEP, Medicare & Medicaid) (GP)

Sessions will focus on strategies to help Plans win in their markets, with a specific emphasis on best practice sharing in the areas of member acquisition, outreach, digital experience innovations, engagement, retention strategies, plan performance and financial impact. Key issues that will be covered include BCBS Plan competitive positioning across product, distribution and care coordination capabilities, industry intelligence, member education and understanding, post-retirement retention, effective organizational structures and government contract compliance requirements.

Privacy & Cybersecurity (P&C)

Sessions will focus on controls necessary for safeguarding health data, methods for maturing both data privacy and information security programs, and an update on relevant regulatory initiatives and government actions.

Internal Audit (IA)

Sessions will focus on internal audits for financial, operational, compliance, systems and special requests, as well as best practices and the latest in professional guidance.

Lawyers & Legal Assistants (LAW)

Sessions for this business discipline will focus on legal and governance issues including ongoing federal healthcare reform and compliance requirements and changing state laws and regulations.

Office of Clinical Affairs (OCA)

Sessions will focus on medical management, pharmacy management, network management, medical policy, value based programs and measurement.

Office of Policy & Representation (OPR)

Sessions will focus on developing and executing effective healthcare policy and political strategies at both the state and federal level.

Strategy & Data Analytics (SDA)

Sessions will focus on strategic analytics, strategy and program marketing. Sessions will share insights around healthcare trends along with data and analytics solutions for risk adjustment, predictive modeling, data integration, population stratification, quality and cost improvement, value-based care, and data visualization.

Business & Operational Excellence (BOE)

Sessions will focus on topics related to excellence in various business areas, operations areas, performance and performance tracking. PlanConnexion business solutions and capabilities will also be featured.

Data Solutions (Quality, Access & Governance) (DS)

Sessions will focus on BCBS System data strategy, interoperability, data quality improvements, enabling data use, increasing data access and data management. The sessions are intended to share Plan best practices, updates on BCBS data capabilities and case studies for the use of healthcare data. Sessions will also focus on National Data Warehouse related activities.

Network Solutions (Development, Execution & Provider Engagement) (NS)

Sessions focus on national network solutions and network development that make it easier for BCBS Plans to design benefits tailored to employers' specific needs. Most notably BlueCard® and the Blue Distinction® portfolio of high-performing network solutions, Flexible Network and Blue Select. Sessions will also cover value-based programs and effective Provider engagement.

Strategic Marketing & Communications (SMC)

Sessions will focus on internal and external communications, media relations, social media, corporate social responsibility, channel strategies, competitor and market intelligence and program marketing.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Sessions will focus on sharing program and project management office best practices and useful tools to solve issues and promote continuous improvement.